CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
OMG100Robert AmbrosewiczEPWAEPWR13-10-20170.59
OMG100Robert AmbrosewiczEPWREPWA11-10-20170.87
OMG103Adrian KopniewiczULLIEPWR18-03-20171.85
OMG103Adrian KopniewiczEPWRULLI18-03-20171.89
OMG100Robert AmbrosewiczEYVIEPWR17-03-20171.11

WELCOME TO Omega Airlines

Fly faraway with OMEGA and join one of the best young airlines on the virtual sky! We offer you training from basics to Airbus and Dash Q400 in amazing atmosphere! Join, Fly, Be free!
Pilots 4
Aircraft in fleet 4
Routes 54
Total hours: 150.91
Flights total 137
Flights Regular 120
Flights Charter 17
% Flights Regular 87.59 %